EU Citizenship by Investment

EU Citizenship by investment: A Blessing or a Curse?


European Union (EU) member states can provide their nationalities to any individual in the world they choose. In this sense many member states saw a window of “opportunity” in providing “Citizenship by Investment” programs to rich individuals enabling them to acquire the EU passport.

These investment programs were mainly introduced for boosting the Governments’ Revenue and at the same time to enable the ailing property and service sectors to re-emerge from a time of recession. Indeed, by introducing the investment schemes for their citizenships EU member states have improved their short term finances and prospects i.e. Cyprus had investments of €4 billion in the last years.


But what about the negative impact? Have governments realized the negative effects of introducing such a scheme?

  1. By selling an EU passport and giving it a “price tag” you simply undermine its status and prestige.
  2. As above locals may feel exploited and exposed of having a passport whose power and image wears down as time passes.
  3. Even though authorities scrutinize the applicant’s background heavily, there is always a chance of providing a back door to criminals and Tax evaders.
  4. Voices within the EU claim that the Schengen System’s integrity is threatened by offering the EU passports on ‘’sale’’.
  5. Schemes that support investment in real estate properties allow the market to keep its high prices.
  6. Even though a small number of these expensive properties exists for this kind of investors, it allows the prolongation / creation of a ‘’bubble’’ in this segment of the market.
  7. Selling passports to rich people which are in the top 1% wealthiest people does bring money to service providers but simultaneously ‘’opportunists’’ are involved within the market charging clients with hilarious and excessive service charges.
  8. Loosing ‘’equality’’. It’s a fact that these programs give a sense to rich people that ‘’money buys everything’’. The dilemma for governments involved in these programs is how to treat ‘’normal’’ applications from immigrants wanting to obtain the EU passport and who have lived for long periods in these countries.
  9. States may impose new visa / citizenship restrictions on passports from these EU issuing countries.


But going through the numbers the question really is not who is offering a citizenship to a rich individual but how this is done.

It is unacceptable to provide passports to individuals who don’t know where even the EU member states are on the map; to grant passports to individuals who upon receipt of the underlying citizenship will live behind them ghost towns (as done already); to travel to the EU member states just when is needed and to leave just enough funds to keep the citizenship “alive”.

In real essence countries involved in this investment options need to ensure that passports are offered to individuals with a clean criminal record, ready to invest to these countries not only the minimum to meet the criteria but truly to live and expand their business operations in these European Countries.

Great minds, innovators, entrepreneurs and scholars who are ready to offer to these countries their knowledge, wisdom and culture are the type of individuals for citizenships to be granted.

EU member states and their nations’ passports are not for sale.

Citizenship is granted on terms of not minimum requirements but of a maximum cultural affair.


The content of the above article is to provide a general opinion of retrieving an EU Citizenship. Specialized, tailor made advice is given on each scenario and specific needs accordingly.