K.P.S. Services Ltd

Banking Services

Banking Services

K.P.S. Services Ltd will assist individuals and business in opening bank accounts of their choice all around the world.

Our experienced personnel will provide you the following services in the area of banking:

Introduce you to any Bank Institution of your choice

We will assist you in opening the following type of accounts in any currency upon request:

Current Account

Fixed deposit accounts

Escrow accounts

Merchant accounts

Custodial accounts

Investment accounts

Help you in administrating your bank accounts

Provide draft letters of credit

Apply for credit and debit cards

Apply for online banking services

Transfer funds upon request

Monitor and report upon movement of your bank accounts

Deal with any issues may arise with banking institutions

Assist you to find and rent a safe deposit box for your valuable items

Other banking and payment institution services

Assistance with Foreign Exchange services and international money transfers via reputable Banks and Payment Institutions

In case you have foreign exchange exposure and worldwide payments, we can assist you to find the most suitable provider that will meet your needs with competitive foreign exchange rates and minimal costs.

Assistance with Hedging Solutions

A range of solutions for hedging risk that will reduce the uncertainty such as foreign exchange, commodity, interest rate and other exposures with a variety of financial instruments.

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