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Tax Services

Tax Services

Our Tax and legal departments can assist its clients both at Corporate and Individual level in addressing their demanding Tax planning needs.

At Corporate level we shall provide you the following services:

Preparation of tax provisions for financial statements

Review and advice on Company’s tax position

Provide assistance in filling and submitting the Company’s tax returns

Advice you on the timing and amount of your tax payments

Cooperate with Cyprus Tax Authorities in any issues / disputes may arise

Requesting on your client’s behalf advance tax rulings with the Cyprus Tax Authorities

Obtain Cyprus Tax certificate upon client’s request

Ensure your Company is fully compliant with tax regulations and deadlines

At Individual level we shall provide you the following services:

Assist you with the preparation and submission of tax returns

Advice you on Income Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax

Cooperate with Inland Revenue for any issues may arise

nform you on the deadlines and amounts involved for your tax payments

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