Presenting Our New Logo & Website!

It has been a big year for K.P.S. Services Limited; A year of extensive planning whereby we have redefined ourselves in the existing market and we have completed our strategic planning process, which will guide our work for the next years to come.

In our efforts for redefining and rebranding ourselves we wanted to introduce to you as we move into the new year a new look for KPS Services Limited. After eighteen years, we decided that it was time to update our logo and adopt our website to the new working conditions giving emphasis to a new appeal with social media and blogs on the focus.

Our original logo was created in 2000 and it was based on the concept of a classic luxurious corporate services provider style. As we move along to a more demanding era of media and website interaction between K.P.S. Services Limited and our clients we have created a new logo that could help us continue to adapt to these changes.

Being proud of our rich history we have kept a core element of our previous logo, but with a more contemporary shape and feel. We have also updated the dynamic play of colors by adding a gold stripe to the logo on the left.

Over the next two months, you will see the shift in a new era for K.P.S. Services Limited by launching a new section for publications in our website. At the same time a new strategy will be implemented via our LinkedIn and Facebook pages bringing to our existing and prospective clients a more interactive and visual website to be launched in the August 2017.

Finally, we want to rest assure that our services and dedication will remain the same. Our main goal is to provide the same high quality services, but at the same time through the power of our new organic webpage useful and valued information, updated news and events.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at


The K.P.S. Services Limited Team